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Enter web3 with AQube: our expertise in blockchain and economic research delivers tailored, data-driven strategies to lift your project to new heights.

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About us
AQube excels in the field of economic research, focusing on blockchain technology and digital assets. Our approach is centered on providing insightful, data-driven guidance to all manner of clients, from first-timers to industry veterans. We operate with a detailed understanding of the complexities and opportunities within the blockchain sector.

Our team adopts an analytical approach through rigorous analysis and a focus on innovation to help clients achieve tangible results.

From concept to completion, AQube delivers strategies that not only embrace technological advancements, but lead to measurable success in the ever-evolving digital asset landscape.
Your Path to Web3 Excellence
From strategy to execution, our services are tailored to redefine and offer the solution for your needs.
Blockchain Integration Hub
For individuals and businesses rooted in traditional domains and looking to transition to blockchain technology, our Blockchain Integration Hub offers guidance and solutions to smoothly integrate this technology into your operations. With a focus on simplicity, we will guide you through the complexities of blockchain adoption, ensuring a stress-free transition that unlocks new opportunities and efficiencies for your business.
Web3 Ecosystem Modeling
Our Web3 Ecosystem Modeling service offers data-driven insights for blockchain natives. From fine-tuning Tokenomics to optimizing Governance strategies and Incentive models, our team will elevate your offerings. Through an analytical approach, we'll help you create, improve, or expand your Web3 products, ensuring they remain cutting-edge and competitive in this dynamic landscape.
Start-up Zone
Fuel the success of your Web3 project with our comprehensive services. From insightful advice to incubation, mentorship to investor presentations, we provide the resources you need to accelerate growth and obtain funding.
Knowledge is the key to success in the blockchain and digital asset industry. Our Education service offers extensive training to equip you with the skills you need to be successful in this fast-evolving arena. Learn from the pros and stay ahead of the curve.
Meet the Minds Behind AQube
Core Team
Our team of experts is your partner throughout the project lifecycle. From initial concept to full implementation, we establish the right ecosystem, provide ongoing support, and conduct in-depth analysis to ensure project success.
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Alberto Arrigoni
General Manager
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Zeno Auersperg
Chief Executive Officer
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Benedetto Biondi
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Michael Moresi
Chief Operating Officer
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Roman Klymonchuk
Senior Consultant
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Annamaria Martino
Marketing Manager
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Edoardo Magagnotti
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Matteo Arenzi

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